Wet Shaving

Ever wondered why men are sick of modern shaving? Let aside those that have to shave every single weekday, for whom the answer is obvious.

Think about it: How could a man possibly tune with products such as blue shaving foams and multicolored plastic razors that vibrate?
The shaving they offer is crap anyway, the garbage they produce is maximum and the cherry on the cake is their ridiculous price tags.

Time has come to start shaving like a man.
Just holding a traditional double razor blade in your hand will feel right. And when it will touch your cheek, it will leave no prisoners.
One blade, the best shaving you've ever had in your dull shaving history.

Let's see what your arsenal should consist of:

A Double Razor: Contrary to pretty much everything we buy these days, a quality double razor will outlast the lifetime of its owner, so you can count on passing it to future generations. It’s made of metal and it’s heavy so there's no need to push down on your cheek, gravity will do the job perfectly. The cost range is €15 to €80 for a brand new shaving "machine". They come in two versions: open comb and closed comb, the former leaving a bigger part of the blade exposed and the latter investing more on the safe side. Merkur double razors are made in Solingen, Germany, and hold the reputation of being the finest. Their best selling model (and excellent entry into the world of wet shaving) is the 34HD. Mühle has also invested in the presentation and looks of their products a bit more and they produce skillful machines that make up excellent gifts.
Razor Blades: Razor blades are cheap (€5 for 10 pieces or €20 for a 200pack) and each will last for at least 3-4 shaves. From the models we have tested, Feather honor their reputation of being the closest possible to a bleeding edge so you need to be uber careful when using them, Wilkinsons serve as an excellent compromise between having a sharp edge but on the same time not being super aggressive and Personas have a magical way of combining a buttery smooth feeling that hardly causes any nicks or cuts, still providing a very close shave.
Shaving Brush: The reason that the elders were using a shaving brush is simple: It massages and softly exfoliates the skin plus it lifts small hair, preparing the face for a smooth and close shave. It also converts nice soaps and thick creams into lush shaving foams when you work them in a bowl or in the palm of your hand with some hot water. Just make sure to avoid buying rubbish synthetic brushes and aim for the ones that are made of badger hair. “Pure”, “Best” and “Silvertip” are the three available qualities, the latter being the finest and more expensive. Prices also depend on brush size, expect medium-sized best badgers to rate within €30-40.
Shaving Cream / Soap: In contradiction to mainstream foams and gels, a fresh cream or a soap will do everything to make the blade glide smoothly on your cheek. Work it on a bowl using the brush and just a little bit of hot water, adding some more later on, if required. A classic choice is the Taylor Of Old Bond Street jars that are available in multiple scents (check the magical Sandalwood first). Cost: approximately €10 per jar.
After Shave: Cologne or balsam, this comes down to your personal taste. Rinse your face with cold water first in order to close the skin pores, then go crazy with your favorite scent.

Here you go. Enjoy the extra kisses, never look back again.-
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